Batten Family



On August 25, 2012 Jean and I flew from Houston to Frankfurt to visit with my Aunt Irene Batten for a week prior to continuing on to Paris and our AMAWaterways River Cruise. Tommy, her son, arranged for us to stay at the Holiday Inn in Neu Isenburg some 15 minutes from the airport and a short walk to Irene's condo. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent with Irene.She has an amazing memory and we talked about families endlessly. While her vision is bad, Irene and her walker, which she calls her Mercedes, made her way to the mall leading us and showing us how to know when and where to cross the streets and manuver throughout the mall. Click here to see pictures of this visit and in 2009 at the airport during our layover to Venice. Irene took the bus to meet us with a 3 hour layover.


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