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Where did we come from originally?    After researching the records and with the research given to me by Margaret Batten Himes, I have found that we are Scots-Irish.  The early immigration records reveal that people with this name arrived in North America very early.  We have Robert Batten in New England in 1648.  William Batten who landed in Virginia in 1654.  Mary Batton (note the spelling) who landed in New England in 1749.  Moses Batten was a native of Scotland, who, at the age of seventeen years, with his brother James, left his father’s house and native country in 1787 and came to the United States and settled in Montgomery County, South Carolina.  Montgomery County was founded in 1779 from Anson County. The name was given to honor General Richard Montgomery who was killed in 1775 during the Revolutionary War attempt to capture City.  I believe that we are descendents of Moses Batten.

The Scots-Irish are an important part of South Carolina History.  Families, who emigrated from Scotland and Ireland, often by way of New England states such as Pennsylvania, brought with them ruggedness honed from years of religious persecution.

During the Revolutionary War, Scots-Irish soldiers fought gallantly for our freedom.  These patriots took part in every battle fought in the state of South Carolina and are largely credited with turning the tide of the American Revolution in the South. 

Moses Batten
1              Moses Batten was born 1770 in Scotland, and died Aft. 1840 in Tennessee.  He married Patsy Haywood 1804 in Montgomery County, North Carolina, daughter of Byrd Haywood and Mary Braddock.  She was born 1786 in Montgomery County, North Carolina and died on April  12, 1877 at Tennessee (Posted on on Haywood message board by Imogene Sawvell Davis on 9/10/2000). 

Moses and his brother James first appear on the 1810 Capt Williams, Montgomery County, North Carolina Census, with the spelling being Battin.  Moses is married with two children.   James his brother is also married with five children.  

Children of Moses Batten and Patsy Haywood:

James Henry Batten, born September 2, 1806, Montgomery County, North Carolina.
Married Mary Stone in 1831

Avy G. Batten born February 14, 1808, Montgomery County, North Carolina.
Married Tomas A. King in 1834

John L. Batten born 1811, Montgomery County, North Carolina.
Married Emily King in 1832 (our direct line)

Moses third child John L. Batten was born a year before Moses goes to serve in The War of 1812. Moses appears on the Muster Rolls of the Soldiers of The War of 1812, The Militia of North Carolina, Montgomery Co. 1st Regiment page 124.  The spelling of the name is Batton.  Information about Moses Batten is from McDonald & Newton County Missouri, published by Goodspeed in 1888, page 99, and Family Search Pedigree Resource File.

The entire family migrated to Carroll County, Tennessee sometime between 1812 and 1830.  Moses and his son John appear on the 1830 Census for Carroll County, Tennessee.  Moses and Patsy are shown without children at home.  Their children, John and his wife Emily King with no children live near-by. Ivy is married to Thomas W. King.  James Henry is married to Mary Stone.  The Batten’s are farmers

Carroll County is located in West Tennessee, one of the state’s Three Grand Divisions.  It is halfway between Nashville and Memphis.  Carroll was created on 7 November 1821 from the 9 October 1818 Great Chickasaw Cession.  Named in honor of Governor William Carroll.          


In 1836 Moses buys 200 acres for six-hundred dollars from John Ruff in Carroll Co. Tennessee, referred to as being at the corner of Kings land and runs East to Sand River.

In 1841 records show a Bill of Sale registered in Carroll County Tennessee Deed Book E page 218, between Moses Batten and Thomas Robberd.  The sale is for a Slave of 14 years old by the name of Sean for the sum of four-hundred sixty-five dollars.

The last time Moses and Patsy appear is on the 1840 Carroll County Tennessee census; John his wife Emily are living close by.  It is believed that Moses dies between 1840 and 1841.  I have been unable to locate Moses or Patsy after that date. 

John L. Batten
2              John L. Batten was born 1811 in Montgomery County, North Carolina, and believed to have died September in the year of 1858 in Carroll, Tennessee.  John married Emily King in 1832 in the state of Tennessee.  Emily was born September 3, 1812 in Tennessee and died on December 10, 1897 at Stoddard, Missouri  Information from the U.S. Marriage Records 1560-1900. 

John and Emily appear on the 1840 Carroll County Tennessee census with two girls under the age of five, one boy under five and two boys between five and ten.  Moses and Patsy live close by.  They are all farmers and own land.

John and Emily moved sometime during 1840’s and appear on the 1850 Polk County District 71, Missouri census with eight children with their oldest daughter Abigail who is married to William Breshears. Also living near-by his Daughter Mary who is married to Reuben Breshears.  John’s brother James and wife Mary Stone with ten children are living is the same area.  Could it be that Moses and Patsy could have moved along with John to Missouri; I will research this more in hopes of locating Moses and Patsy.

Children of John L Batten and Emily King

Abigail Jane Batten born March 30, 1832 at Carroll County, Tennessee
Married William A. Breshears on March 9, 1850 at Polk County Missouri


Mary H. Batten born in 1832 at Carroll County Tennessee
Married Rhuben Breshears May 4, 1848 at Polk County Missouri

Prisicilla Puss Batten born in 1834 at Carroll County Tennessee
Married Washington C. Enoch October 9, 1856 at Carroll County Tennessee

James Thomas Batten born July 25, 1837 at Carroll County, Tennessee




Where did we come from originally?  The ancestors of the Batten family are Scots-Irish, and the first to come to America was Moses Batten along with his brother James.  



In 1804 Moses marries Patsy Haywood probably in Montgomery County North Carolina (Posted at On the North Carolina 1810 census Moses along with his brother James are living in Capt Williams, Montgomery County.   Moses and Patsy have two children James Henry Batten born 1806 and Avy Batten born 1808.  In 1811 John L. Batten is born.  The next year Moses goes to serve in The War of 1812 (Muster Rolls of the soldiers of The War of 1812 The militia of North Carolina, Montgomery Co. 1st Reg. page 124).  His wife was Patsy Haywood, a sister of the noted lawyer Haywood, of North Carolina.  Moses and Patsy had three children, James Henry, John L and Ava.


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